Community Habilitation

Community Habilitation Our Community Habilitation Program is designed for those individuals who would benefit from more personalized attention. Individuals enrolled in the program are assigned a specific worker who is trained to help with the specific issues prohibiting a client fully realizing his/her potential.  The ultimate goal of the program is to support individuals developing

Without Walls

Without Walls The Gateway Day Hab Without Walls program is born from the idea that we can continue to support and nurture the individuals we serve while being active members of the community. The program stresses the importance of using natural supports in the community vs. becoming overly reliant on staff members. The program has

Group Day Habilitation

Group Day Habilitation Our program is devoted to creating a unique and person-centered experience for every individual that enters our doors. Our program is designed to build on the skills that were fostered in public school ensuring participants continue to explore and grow. Upon entering the program, individuals are evaluated to determine their levels of


Advance Every family, at one time or another, finds itself in the midst of a crisis. For those those with intellectual/developmental disabilities and their families, these situations can be particularly challenging. Gateway’s Advance Family Support Services program offers compassionate, family-oriented guidance to help your family through this trying time. Our caring team of professionals will

Gateway Basketball Tournament and Staff Faceoff

On June 24, Gateway hosted a basketball tournament at Hooperstown Basketball Fitness & Education Facility. There were officially four teams from the Bronx location in the tournament, with one winner at the end of the day. In addition, there were two teams of staff, and a team from the Queens facility. DSP and coach Eric